Bird Watching Safaris

East Africa is a fantastic continent for a birdwatching holiday, as the range of environments make for a hugely diverse bird population. The geographical range is vast, with montane forests, wetlands, marshes, deserts and coastlines on both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. With a range of African and country-specific endemics, as well as migrant birds which visit to breed and ‘summer’ in the southern hemisphere, birdwatching in East Africa is packed full of variety.Expert does not currently offer trips which we label as “birdwatching holidays to East Africa". However, we do have bird-watchers among our expert team, and so can advise you on the best lodges and areas for your birding interests – and we do put together many tailor-made trips for travellers who want to go on a primarily bird-watching holiday.

Birdwatching in Kenya East Africa we offer professionally led birding trips ranging from a full day to several weeks to some of our best birding hotspots in Kenya while accompanied by a knowledgeable bird guide.

Whether you interested in birds among other taxa in a relaxed safari with other members of your family who aren't birders or even as part part of your honeymoon, to whether you've got 4 weeks to see over 800 bird species with nothing else better to do. We have time for you.And yes please email us your target list if you have been to kenya before on a bird tour but missed to see a few specialties, localized and endemics such as Heuglin's Bustard, Jackson's Hornbill, White-headed Mousebird, Hinde's Pied Babbler, Sharpe's Longclaw, Chapin's Flycatcher, Aberdare Cisticola, Turner's Eremomela, Somali Crombec, Abbott's Starling, Olive Ibis, Grey-crested Helmet Shrike, William's Lark, Friedmann's Lark, Masked Lark, Collared Lark, Taita Thrush, Taita Apalis, Red-naped Bush Shrike, Pringle's Puffback, Three-streaked Tchagra, Scarlet-tufted Malachite Sunbird, Tsavo Sunbird, Violet-breasted Sunbird, Somali Sparrow, DonaldsonSmith Sparrow Weaver, Taveta Golden Weaver, Clarke's Weaver, Jackson's Widowbird, Northern Grosbeak Canary, Southern Grossbeak Canary among many others.

Kenya has one of the richest avifaunas in Africa with around 1090 bird species recorded. At least eight of these are national endemics. Around 170 species of Kenya's birds species are Palearctic migrants (11 species of them with a local breeding population too), mainly from eastern Europe, Russia, the middle East and Siberia. Another 60 species migrate regularly within the Afrotropics or from Madagascar. Some 335 species are found in forest; 230 species are entirely forest dependent and 110 species are "forest specialists" requiring intact, undisturbed habitat and Forty species of global conservation concern are known to occur in Kenya. Four of these are criticallyEndangered, two Endangered and 16 species are Vulnerable.

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