Walking and Mountain Safaris

Kenya Turacos Safaris have designed tailor-made wilderness Walking,trekking and Bushwalk safaris that traverse the splendid scenery of the Great Rift Valley Lakes of Naivasha,Bogoria,Baringo, Laikipia Sanctuary, AberdareAberdares National Park and the Kerio Valley, which conclude with three days of wildlife viewing at the Masai mara National Reserve. These journeys are suitable for all ages and person of an average fitness level with average walking distances of 6-15 km per day.

Our thinking is that we should take things slowly and appreciate the landscapes in which we are travelling through. All the trips that we offer are flexible and so it is easy to find an itinerary that matches your fitness levels and interest. Finally, we believe in providing the best service indoors too - so when you return from your day's activities, you will enjoy comfortable accommodation and wonderful meals, which will ensure that you are properly rested and ready for the following day.

All the walking safaris are guided by a locally experienced guide of pokot and Maasai people, who delight in sharing their deep knowledge of their ancient ways. The same guides will demonstrate their exceptional knowledge in ornithology, anthropology, geology and engaging you in various discussions on issues of your interest that will make you enjoy your time together. Typically you will be sharing your experiences with between 2-6 likeminded travellers (depending on the trip and how many others are booked on the trip) and you'll have a group leader with you. Whether you are travelling alone or with friends its good value, and a great way to meet new people! While itineraries are pre-planned there is some flexibility and you will have plenty of privacy. Optionally at the end of any of our captivating long trekking safaris, we offer a relaxing extension to the dazzling beaches of the Indian Ocean, with its rich Swahili culture. These trekking trips will appeal to travellers of all ages who enjoy meeting new people as well as seeing new places.

Since walking safaris are reasonably new to Kenya it is important, for safety reasons, to choose tented camps that have suitably qualified guides.

Please call us for one of our Kenya specialists for more information on the best places to do game walks in Kenya. The only way to appreciate Africa is to walk or cycle on its earth, watch birds in its bushes, lakes and plains, track animals in their natural habitats in an impossible way.

Kenya Turacos Safaris is a professional Tour Operator based in Nairobi Kenya that shares with you the incredible sights, sounds and the taste of the African Adventure. We will be waiting to say Karibu.....Welcome to East Africa .... Welcome to Africa and to Kenya in Particular.

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