Women Safaris

Kenya Turacos Safaris is pleased to offer exciting women-only safaris to Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, an innovative leader in women-only travel. The journey includes visits to some of the best known wildlife parks where you’ll have the opportunity to experience a wealth of wildlife, traditional cultures, and some of the most stunning landscapes on Earth. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit local villages and learn about the lives of the locals. The safaris will also wind through big cities, small towns, and remote villages, some of which are unchanged from hundreds of years ago.

Turacos Safaris as ideal for single, widowed, divorced, and even married ladies whose husbands groan at the word ‘travel.’ The safari is also great for girlfriends' getaways, family reunions, class reunions, current and former business colleagues, church groups, best friends, antiques clubs, book clubs, travel clubs, garden clubs, or any group of women who wants the adventure and fun of Africa. And if you’re celebrating a milestone or major life event — one of those birthdays with an “0” in it (or any birthday, for that matter), retirement, graduation, an empty nest, or even the passing of a loved one — there’s no better way to do it than sharing your experiences with other Women.

A journey with Kenya Turacos is just the beginning of new friendships and innovative ideas in travel. The tours are happy, high-quality, intimate, and relaxing yet adventurous getaways structured for just for women. Traveling alone isn’t for everyone, and women-only trips provide a sense of security and safety of traveling with a group. Too, women love to bond, and when you travel with Women, you’re sure to come away with a renewed sense of friendship and adventure. But one of the best reasons for traveling with Women? Just getting away with the girls, laughing and living it up, and having fun!

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