Your First Safari

A safari is the trip of a lifetime. East Africa is often the destination for every clients have been dreaming of for years, the location of their honeymoon or that special family trip. It is always a unique experience; a genuine adventure.

Nowhere stirs up excitement in the same way as a safari. But planning your first safari can be a baffling and time-consuming process! When should you travel? Which destination should you choose? Which company should you trust to design your safari?

Below, you will find links to a number of blog articles that cover common questions and concerns that often arise when researching your first safari. Really, the best piece of advice we can give you is to contact us directly and speak with our consultants. They will happily introduce you to ‘Safari Africa’ and guide you towards a safari suited to you. Please get in touch today!

By far the biggest challenge, however, is to gain confidence in the right company to arrange your safari. We would like to think that the industry awards we have won underline our experience and recognition within the industry itself, but we believe that getting to know our consultants is the best way you can feel sure of having that dream safari. They have over a hundred years of bespoke travel experience overall!

Of course, many of our competitors say they have experience of visiting a destination, but all of our consultants have been either professional safari guides or camp managers – or they were born and raised in Africa. And not only have our staff worked in Africa, but they have worked for the top companies!

These names may not mean much to you now, but once your appetite for safari has been well and truly whetted, all will inspire a knowing nod and smile. These are the finest companies in Africa! In our opinion there is simply no substitute for this level of extensive ‘on-the-ground’ experience when it comes to designing the best safaris.

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